Concrete Foundations


They say trust is built on a sturdy foundation. We couldn’t agree more! At Allison Concrete By Design, we have earned the trust of customers all over Idaho to build a concrete foundation for their home. Trust us to build your foundation and we will provide a foundation you can trust! We have helped thousands of customers build the start to their home; let us show you why! We can build any foundation to fit your home.

  • T- Shaped – Traditional foundation used to withstand changing temperatures and freezing conditions.
  • Slab Foundation – Single layer concrete, used in warmer climates where drilling holes or trenches is more challenging.
  • Frost-protected Foundation – Single layer concrete poured at once (instead of in 3 operations). Used in hotter climates subject to frost. Added walls of insulation and polystyrene sheets trap the heat to keep the structure warm and prevent heat loss.
  • Crawlspace Foundations – Slab-like foundation elevated a few feet off the ground to create a crawlspace under the structure. In addition to crawlspace access for electrical or plumbing purposes, if properly ventilated, this helps to cool the structure during warmer temperatures and prevent water damage during a flood.
  • Basement Foundation – 8 ft., concrete area built below the frost line with a slab flooring. Often used for storage or added living space.

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